Monday, 24 March 2014

One of the more innovative online earning opportunities come from Roamler. This is an app which can be downloaded onto a smartphone.

From there you are set various tasks.  The original tasks are unpaid and simply to test your ability.  You then move up levels and onto different forms of paid tasks of a mystery shopper style.  These include having to visit supermarkets to take pictures of fruit/flower stands & answering 2 or 3 simple questions about the layout and freshness. Other tasks involve going to pubs and asking which type of beer they'd recommend.

Overall, its a lot more interesting than sitting on a computer clicking repeatedly and can sometimes be done during your lunch time or on way to or from work.

Tasks generally pay between £2 and £9. You can cash out via Paypal at any point.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

In my opinion, the simplest of the money earning sites is Inbox Pounds.  It's a reputable company which I'm told is "Inbox Dollars" in the USA and elsewhere. 

Very, very simply - it's a site which you can use instead of Google or Bing but they pay you for using their site. You earn 1p for every 2 original searches up to the value of 15p per day. You also receive a loyalty bonus of 10p each week for using the search engine a few times.

I also recommend clicking the 'Paid Emails' (1p for 1 click) and the videos section which pay between 1p-8p per video.

You can also earn a little extra from various special offers and surveys, but the surveys don't pay particularly well.

I've cashed out a few times - they pay by cheque when you reach £20. The cheque arrives quickly. Reaching that £20 isn't so quick but the site requires little to no effort.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Earning money online comes with a stigma attached that it's all scams and pyramid schemes. There are many good and reputable sites available too though.

I have personally been caught out twice. A site called Can't Beat Free disappeared leaving people owed money and gift cards. Another site called Rewarding Ways waits til people reach payout level and accuses them of having several accounts or using a proxy IP address. 

Sites I can verify that pay out:
Global test market
Inbox Pounds
Opinion Outpost

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Another site of the PTC genre which I can vouch for as being reputable is Zoombucks.

The site, in my opinion, could be considered as a smaller version of Swagbucks or Gifthulk.  The various offer walls are all there, similar surveys and there's various competitions to boost your ZB points.

Offer Walls - Not much you won't find elsewhere but I usually get some additional paid to watch videos on the Super Rewards and Volume 11 walls that I don't get on Swagbucks/Gifthulk. There's also a Daily Offer contest (bonus) for people completing an above average for that day number of offers.

Daily - At the bottom of the Offers Wall there's a CAPTCHA which you gain 1ZB from daily.

Competitions - "Pick a number" for free entry to win a small prize.

Promo Codes - They tend to have a regular supply of code posted on their Facebook page.

Cashout is $5 and is paid by Paypal.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I've previously mentioned the Money Saving Expert forums and the valuable tips and challenges available there. Would like to drop a mention to a somewhat smaller but equally valuable resource - The Money Shed.

Users review the various PTC, survey and other money making sites.

There's also an interesting section for Money Saving tips

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Another site which I can now recommend is Clixsense.

Having used other PTC/survey sites, I can see certain similarities but the one notable difference is the income. From what I can see only Neobux compares to Clixsense in the compensation for completing the various tasks, surveys, clicks and special offers.

Tasks - These are the same Crowdflower tasks you see on many sites.  The Casino/Investment tasks pay $0.07 per task.  Investment tasks usually appear between 8-10pm UK time. The Casino tasks tend to appear after midnight.

Special Offers - Token Ads (lots of videos), Trial Pay, RadiumOne, Peanut Labs, Super Rewards, SupersonicAds and Matomy all have offer walls on the site.  These generally pay much better than Swagbucks and the like - again, only Neobux compares.

Paid to Click - less ads than Neobux, but a much higher amount of $0.01 ads.

Surveys - Toluna ($0.67 per survey) and Samplicious both have survey walls.

Each day there is a Daily Checklist bonus where you earn a further 5% of your earnings.  If you're earning a good amount on this site, its worth upgrading to a premium account ($17), where your bonus increases to 12% with some other added bonuses on referrals, increased number of adverts etc... To break even with this, you need to earn $0.05 average daily from your checklist bonus (easy).

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Another of the other interesting challenges to come from the Money Saving Expert forum users is the £2014 in 2014 challenge.

Basically that's earn £2014 from any source outwith your normal employment/income.  

That can come from many ways - overtime/additional work, Ebay, Paid to Click or survey websites, cashback sites....wherever.

Here is a link for the thread on Money Saving Expert

Here is a link for the £2014 in 2014 Facebook page